Free AR Cards! (Limited Time Offer)

March 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

As noted on the official Kid Icarus: Uprising website, for a limited time you can order a pack of three augmented reality cards from Club Nintendo for free (with free shipping). For those who don’t know what Club Nintendo is, it’s basically a website where you can register games you own (developed and/or produced by Nintendo) and fill out surveys to earn coins. The coins can then be exchanged for sweet rewards. This pack of AR cards (containing a Great Reaper card, a Drill Arm card, and an apparently rare Palutena card) does not require any coins to order. It is one hundred percent free. If you wanted to, you could join Club Nintendo, order the cards, and then do nothing else at all with your account; just walk away with your three free AR cards. However, I would not recommend you do that, because Club Nintendo is a really cool website, and it offers a lot of great (and often exclusive) rewards.

There is no mention of how many card packs they have in stock, but you can wager that once they run out, they’ll be out for good. Go get them while you can!

I do seem to be stealing news frequently from, but that’s not too much of a bad thing. Good sources are good sources.

Oh, and take note, you can also pre-register Kid Icarus: Uprising on Club Nintendo. This means you can sign up to register it, and then if you do so in the allotted time (after the release, of course) you will receive a small, extra bonus of ten coins.


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