Multiplayer Theories

June 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

The multiplayer battle mode that was announced at E3 is looking very impressive. When I get together with my friends for one of those long sleepovers like in the old days, we’re just going to play Uprising multiplayer the entire time. Seriously, up to six people can play locally! It’s going to be hard finding that many people to play with!

What’s interesting is that I can’t recall hearing anything about online multiplayer. It could be that I’m just not remembering it, but I don’t really know. And it would be really cool if in the end you don’t need six game cartridges (one for each system) to play six-player.

The multiplayer battle footage that I posted yesterday shows a very large course, and the movement and gameplay looks very smooth. The screenshot at the top of the page shows what looks like an entirely different area from the gameplay video, which thankfully implies that there will be multiple different courses to play on.

But a really good question is, how many different locations, (let’s call them “stages”,)  are there going to be in battle multiplayer? Just a few, or a lot? Will there be unlockable stages? At first I was thinking that there wouldn’t be any unlockable stages, but then I remembered, the guy who made the Super Smash Brothers games is making this game! Anything is possible.

I have a few other questions, such as, will there be any single-player version of the battle mode? Sure it wouldn’t be nearly as fun, but it’d be great for practice when you didn’t have other people to play with.

I also have to wonder, is this multiplayer mode really as freaking awesome as it looks?

Post your comments and ideas in the comments below. For now, I’ll talk to you later!


§ One Response to Multiplayer Theories

  • KeigoNiwa says:

    I was actually just assuming that the multiplayer mode would be both local and online. Isn’t that how it always is o.O *i guess in the case of the DS not so much*

    anyway. the multiplayer kinda reminds me of Dissidia: Final Fantasy, which is great because i love the open gameplay of that game. I just hope that close combat is as refined as the ranged shooting.

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