E3 Trailers

June 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

The first “trailer” (it was actually just a teaser) for Uprising at E3 was one of five really cool teasers in the video below:

Also, here is the actual trailer, which introduces some new characters and places, along with some information about the multiplayer battle mode. Apparently the point is to kill the angel of the opposing team. You can see when I mean in the video.

Also you may notice that there are AR cards at the end, and it was mentioned at the conference that you can battle people via AR cards too, though we’ll learn more information later.

Until later!


§ 4 Responses to E3 Trailers

  • KeigoNiwa says:

    OK!!!! i can confidently tell you that the music is either done by Motoi Sakuraba, or Yoko Shimamura. It has to be one of them, though, i’m leaning more towards Motoi Sakuraba. :3

    anyway… STILL NO RELEASE DATE =[

  • Killer Moth says:

    I second whatever Keigo said. Heh. I’m not quite up to date on my video game music, so.

    Yeah, you’d think Nintendo would have posted a generic release date at the end of the trailer. Or, even a “Fall 2011,” just to cover all bets. Lame.

  • KeigoNiwa says:

    it says holliday 2011 in the on the e3.nintendo.com site…. probably meaning november or december

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