Battle Multiplayer!

June 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve been watching the live stream of E3 2011 today, and so far I’ve been completely and utterly wowed. From the announcement of Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the 3DS to the announcement of Super Smash Bros. games for both the 3DS and Nintendo’s new awesome-looking home console, the Wiiu, I’ve gone beyond excited.

But alas, as much as I want to tell you every last detail about E3, there are far too many websites that will do that already. I’ll just stick with Kid Icarus: Uprising news.

A new trailer for the game was revealed this morning, and it looked as smashing as ever, but at the end of it, it showed a quick trailer of the multiplayer mode that before was mentioned that they may never finish, and it is battle multiplayer!

Yes, you heard that right, up to four players (UPDATE: apparently six players!) are going to be able to battle one another. The trailer shown on ground, but perhaps there is battle mode in the air as well. I would give you more information, but that can all happen later.

Later I will make another post that is more descriptive and actually have a link to the Uprising trailer (I bet it’s not even on the internet yet), but for now, I’ll talk to you later!


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