Raptr launch and leaked music

May 30, 2011 § 3 Comments

A few days ago a website called Raptr relaunched as a giant community, similar to Facebook or Myspace, except it’s all about gaming. I was contacted by David Hu, an administrator, and was allowed early access to the site, due to running a gaming website myself. The topic pages aren’t ready yet, so for now you can sign up and follow my personal page, which I apologize for not having much content.

There isn’t much more you can get from following me on Raptr, because if you check this website every day you’ll see the content anyway. The thing is, many people don’t want to check blogs every day, so that is the point of following me either on Raptr or Facebook (sidebar like box hopefully coming soon). If you don’t want to join Raptr because you can just follow me on Facebook, you can do that, but Raptr is too awesome a website. I say try it out, even if not to follow me.

In other news, though, somebody has ripped the music from the Kid Icarus: Uprising Japanese website and posted it on YouTube, making it loop for five minutes. We also found out that it was composed by the composer of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which is really cool. You can enjoy the music/video below:


§ 3 Responses to Raptr launch and leaked music

  • KeigoNiwa says:

    wait…. which composer, you do realise Brawl had like a PLETHORA of well known video game composers XD.

    I’ll just assume it’s the same guy who did the Underworld remake, so that would be Shougo Sakai *i think x.x*

  • KeigoNiwa says:

    you know what, after actually LISTENING to the music, i’m going to make the assumption that it’s Motoi Sakuraba, the music kinda has his aesthetic to it :3

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