Kid Icarus: Uprising website launches in Japan

May 20, 2011 § 4 Comments


Nintendo has finally released something new related to Uprising. An official website has launched on Nintendo’s Japanese website. Unfortunately this website, completely in Japanese, doesn’t really tell us anything new. The main page has spectacular background music, and has links to two other pages. One of these pages has videos, all of which we’ve seen before (but you should watch them again, because they’re awesome), and the other page leads to something about a Mii parade, which is kind of cool. The website also gives a slight hint that Uprising may be coming in August, which would not surprise me.

Why I’m not being too detailed about the Mii parade thing, is because if I were, I would be stealing from Zelda Informer’s article. I wouldn’t know how to say what it’s about without quoting pretty much what Alex wrote.

Hopefully this is just the first of many things related to Uprising that Nintendo will be announcing soon. I assume everything will come together and make sense at E3 2011 in June. But for now, we just need to wait.

Also, a shout out to Ben Lamoreux, a friend of mine from Zelda Informer, for linking me the article.


§ 4 Responses to Kid Icarus: Uprising website launches in Japan

  • Killer Moth says:

    Odd the website hasn’t been active sooner, since the English game is suppose to launch, next month.

    It does address how NOA basically did no promotion or anything leading up to the summer. Thankfully, we have blogs like these, but it shouldn’t be all on the fans to spread the word — the production company has to help out, too. Or, maybe it’s just me?

    As always, great update.

  • KeigoNiwa says:

    @Killer Moth

    I could be wrong, but i’m pretty sure that it’ll be released in August o.o

    • Killer Moth says:

      @ KeigoNiwa

      You’re probably right, as we would have heard something by now if the release date really was June. I actually don’t mind the delay, but I wouldn’t mind some consistency in the promotion or lack thereof, either. Oh, well, what can you do?

  • […] other news, though, somebody has ripped the music from the Kid Icarus: Uprising Japanese website and posted it on YouTube, making it loop for five minutes. We also found out that it was composed […]

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