So what’s going on?

May 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’m sure there are people who come here every once in a while looking for updates, and wondering why there aren’t any. Why haven’t I posted any updates in a long time? The answer is: as I said, there aren’t any. I check my two main sources, 3DS Kid Icarus and, every day, and sometimes go to other sites such as IGN to see if there is any news, but the answer is always no.

Since my last blog post, a lot of information has flooded the internet about the 3DS, but none of it seems to involve Kid Icarus. The news that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is going to be released on June 17 has been confirmed, and other release dates are popping up every once in a while.

So yes, I promise you, as soon as there is more news about Uprising, I will post it. But for now there isn’t any. Sorry, guys.

In the meantime, you guys can read while you’re waiting. Ted Dekker’s latest novel, The Priest’s Graveyard, is a great book, and you should check it out if you like thrillers. What the heck does this have to do with Uprising? Nothing, but I figured I’d mention it anyway.

Have a nice day!


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