The Calm before the Storm

March 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

Well, this is just the calm before the literal flood of Kid Icarus: Uprising news that is bound to rain in one of these days. Remember if you hear some news before we do, you can send us an email!

Several days ago I had a dream where I found out that Uprising was actually only going to be a few levels long. Considering it can take as short a time as perhaps five minutes, if you’re quick, to complete a level, or at least an early level, this would make a game that you could 100% in about half an hour. I was heartbroken, and very happy when I woke up to find it never happened.

Also, IGN has released some new high-quality gameplay videos which can be viewed below:

If you want more gameplay videos and other Uprising-related videos, you can check out the Uprisen YouTube channel. There are only a couple uploads, but there are plenty of videos in the “Favorites” category. And just to be safe when we do start releasing more videos, go ahead and subscribe. :)

And also, to add some more substance to this calm before the storm, a few sites (including GoNintendo and 3DS Kid Icarus) have released some new facts about Uprising:

– Each stage starts on-rails.
– If you are aiming the reticle over and enemy before shooting your shots are also more powerful
– 3D works while in this view as you can judge how close incoming fire is to you
– The on foot sections include melee attacks and looking for meat to replenish health
– Interactive elements such as grind rails, spiked traps and jump pads will also be included
– Each stage ends with a boss fight
– The boss Nintendo Power saw in their preview was a multi-story tall Grim Reaper
– Controls are much like everyone thought with shooting and melee attacks being the L button, controlling Pit with the circle pad, and aiming with the touch screen

In Walmart today I walked into the magazine aisle to see if I could read through a bit of whatever the latest Nintendo Power magazine was (I used to get and love that magazine, so sometimes I want to check and see what they’re doing these days, though they’re not as cool as they used to be). That was a mistake, because the latest was a “launch special” for the 3DS, with all of the launch games featured, plus more. Needless to say, I didn’t leave that aisle for quite a while. I would’ve bought the magazine and read it later, but I only had $5 with me (I was with my dad, and yeah I know, I shouldn’t go around with only $5 in my pocket).

But anyway, there was an entire article (not just a small section) on Kid Icarus: Uprising, so I couldn’t pass up a chance to read it, especially since I’d have to face the entire internet with the fact that I run a Uprising fan site and I didn’t read it.

So I read it, and those guys gave it a great review. They pretty much said, “Get this game!”, though not nearly as condensed. If I’d bought the magazine, I could give you some quotes, but that’ll have to wait until later.

Anyway, I shall see the lot of you later! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook!


§ One Response to The Calm before the Storm

  • Killer Moth says:

    A nice change of pace, as I thought both games were too short (once you get the level griding aside). Good to know I’ll be busy.

    Also nice to know Nintendo Power is trying to promote it, and I agree that the magazine has seen better days.

    I wonder what the Save feature is, as I haven’t read anything about that, yet. Then again, I’m just re-adjusting to the fact the product is actually moving forward.

    Either way, good post. Keep up with them round-ups. We’re going to need them.

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