Kid Icarus Speculations

February 20, 2011 § 4 Comments

I was just sitting down and wondering what I could write about, since recently there hasn’t been any Uprising news, aside from several gameplay videos of people playing the exact same areas every time, due to it just being a demo that everyone’s playing.

So I thought, what if I would just write an article about what this game could be like. Any theories or speculations that come to mind. I would hold a Q&A on this blog or the new Kid Icarus Wiki Forum to answer all of the questions that I’d be able, but not enough people visit this blog for that to be done correctly, and next to nobody even knows about the forum (which is sad).

So anyway, these are my speculations and ideas.

Game Length

One thing that’s really been bugging me about recent games, such as Metroid: Other M and Super Mario Galaxy 2, is that they’re not long enough for the liking of many gamers. Older gamers are more used to the older systems such as Nintendo 64 or PlayStation 2 that actually had long, time-consuming games. That’s one of the reasons why early Nintendo and Sony systems were so amazing. They had long games that were well-made.

I’m hoping that even though Uprising is for a DS system, it’s going to be long. It does have at least GameCube-level graphics (apparently no high-quality video had been taken of it), and the 3DS cartridges can hold up to at least 8GB of space. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion itself was only 4GB, meaning that technically someone could make a massive, first-person RPG with decent graphics for the 3DS. Not that it will happen, though.

So if the game is a long game, that’ll just make it more enjoyable. Short games actually seem to have less replay value, if you think about it. Anyway, let’s continue.

Relation to Kid Icarus and Of Myths and Legends

I am ashamed to say I have played neither of the original games in the Kid Icarus series, but I know a lot about them. I’m curious as to how the story of Uprising will relate to them. Uprising has the same characters, places, and things as the NES and GBC games, but pretty much just the setting is the same.

The story in Uprising is about Medusa reawakening and trying to take over Angel Land. Well, and out for revenge against Pit and Palutena, too, of course. Plenty of old bosses are returning to Uprising as well. But does the story correspond much between the games?


A multiplayer mode has been announced by Project Sora. They are currently working on it, but they currently don’t know what exactly it will be or if it will ever actually be finished. That pretty much means they’re exploring ideas for multiplayer in the game. We’ll see if their brainstorms pay off.

The multiplayer mode has been confirmed to be some type of versus mode, meaning you may be able to fight other opponents. I don’t really know how that would work, considering the gameplay of Uprising. In my opinion, unfortunately, the most likely multiplayer versus mode would be a competition to beat a level first. Not the first time that would be done.

Though I think that is the most likely multiplayer game mode, that doesn’t mean it will be, and I dear hope it isn’t. I mean, it’d be fun, but not as fun of beating the crap out of some noob playing the game online with you.

As a side note, it’s not been confirmed whether or not both players (or more if there can be more than 2-players, which would be awesome) will need to own a cartridge of the game to play multiplayer, if it’s finished by the release of the game, or before the multiplayer mode is scrapped.

StreetPass, SpotPass, and Game Coins

I’m curious as to which, if any, of these 3DS features will be used in the game. StreetPass is when you’re playing your 3DS or have it in sleep mode, and you go somewhere near someone else who is playing a 3DS or has a 3DS in sleep mode, and data is automatically transferred between the two systems. This is used for automatically getting new Miis from other people you come across, and say if you own Super Street Fighter IV, it may automatically fight battles for you against the other people while the 3DSes are in sleep mode, and give you rewards if you win.

SpotPass is when your 3DS automatically detects Wi-Fi areas and downloads data for you. Game Coins are points rewarded for things such as walking “however many” steps while your 3DS is in sleep mode in your pocket (yes, the 3DS does feature a pedometer). These coins can be spent to unlock certain items and such in certain games.

Of the three 3DS features mentioned, I’ll say Game Coins will be the most likely to be used, with StreetPass in a close second. I don’t know what any of them would be used for (except for unlocking new content and stuff like that), but only time will tell.

The Future of Project Sora

Project Sora is the company who is making Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are a division of Nintendo (and partially Sora Ltd.), and they were formed for the very reason of creating a new sequel to the Kid Icarus series. Just like Project M (a team that is made up of members from Nintendo, Team Ninja, and D-Rockets), which made Metroid: Other M, this new game development division is amazing, and I dearly hope they continue to make games in the future.

It’s true, Uprising hasn’t been released and won’t be for the next four months, but everyone who has played it (and even the people who have only seen previews) have mutually agreed that, already, it is indeed awesome.

It may be wrong of me to judge that this will be such as awesome game so soon, but I have this gut feeling about it, and I seriously hope that Project Sora continues to make amazing-looking games in the future.


So that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I hope I enjoy playing Uprising as much as I hope I will. The game is being released June 19, which is very soon after E3 2011. Stay tuned for more information about Uprising, and I’ll talk to you later!

EDIT 3/6/11: This article got featured on 3DS Kid Icarus!


§ 4 Responses to Kid Icarus Speculations

  • vhehs2 says:

    I’d like to see mini-games/challenges (like Target Smash from Super Smash Bros). And I hope Nintendo makes both a global leaderboard for high scores and a Wi-Fi feature that allows you to generate a leader board among friends. They could definitely do something like Target Smash in SSBB (or Target Smash in Wii Play) and maybe some race course that take place in the sky.

    As far as activity goes on all the Kid Icarus sites, I expect it to boom after the game is released as long as the sites establish themselves as the online home of Kid Icarus.

  • Killer Moth says:

    Ironically, I don’t have Nintendo 3DS, but played the priot two games. Funny how that works.

    Visually, it’s beautiful, although, this Gamer commentary gives me a tad pause about the gameplay:

    Hopefully, it will all be smoothed out before it debuts in the summer.

    Otherwise, good summary/commentary, and I will be looking forward to Uprising, regardless. Let’s hope you’re right.

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