Uprising Release Date Revealed!

February 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Though the other Kid Icarus: Uprising fan blog out there, 3DS Kid Icarus, is very confusing and seems to be pretty much a 3DS-in-general website, they do keep a special eye out for Uprising, and that does help us learn information that we might miss otherwise.

I don’t mean we’re not constantly looking for new information, I’m just saying that 3DSKI is a good place to look, and I thank them for being so helpful.

Some very helpful information is that several websites, including Nintendo 3DS BlogGoNintendo, and NintendoCharged, have announced a rumored-but-very-possible release date for Uprising as June 19, 2011. The latter of the mentioned websites said, “Nintendo has also been saying that they want to spread out their games over the year, so this makes perfect sense so far”. GameStop was apparently the company to release this information, even though Uprising doesn’t seem to have made it onto their website yet.

Also, another important piece of news, online multiplayer is currently being worked on for Uprising. Nintendo doesn’t know what exactly it’ll be like, or if it will be completed at all. Mention was made by a member of Project Sora (the division of Nintendo that is making the game) that this may be a versus mode, where perhaps you battle each other or compete in some other way.

Anyway, I hope this was helpful to you. We already knew that Uprising would be released after E3 2011, and now we have a better idea of how close it is. The multiplayer idea shocked me. I certainly didn’t expect it.

Oh, well, talk to you later!

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