Updates and Sad News

January 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

It was supposedly announced at Nintendo World 2011 that the Nintendo 3DS will be $250 in North America. This is good news, as it will be sold in Japan for ¥25,000, which is equal to about $300. The 3DS will still cost more than a Wii does, though. I’m hoping a game comes with the system. Maybe even Uprising.

Another note, it’s been announced, or at least very strongly rumored, that the 3DS will be region coded, which means that it will only let you play games released in your country, or group of countries. In other words, you can no longer import games.

I hear that some fans are extremely ticked off at this, but I’m not too concerned. I’ve never imported games before, or even considered it. I’m completely fine with the region coding. But when I think about it, why doesn’t Nintendo just release all games in all countries at the same time, instead of having the need of importing for some people to get a hold of some games?

Oh well, it’s not too relevant. I mean, if Nintendo decides to do something, I guess they have the right.

Anyway, I have recently been unable to get on the internet for the past several days until now, and I’m sad to say I probably will be unavailable for a while after this. What makes me feel even worse is the fact that I’ll most likely miss the live streaming of the Nintendo 3DS press conference in two days.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep this updated as much as possible. I sincerely need more staff. If you think you can help, click the “Contribute” tab on the left.

Hopefully the forum will be up soon, too.


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