Distinguishing the Propaganda

January 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Well apparently there is already a Kid Icarus: Uprising fan blog out there (http://www.3dskidicarus.com/). Does that mean we lied about being the very first Uprising fan site?

Well, I will admit that this blog only launched recently, therefor making our glorious subtitle propaganda. But hey, we’re not the first person to do that. Besides, the 3DS Kid Icarus blog had practically erased itself from our radar until far too recently. After this blog with already in construction and was almost released.

So if you think we’re just a bunch of lazy kids who can’t find a simple fan blog, well, you may be right, but we plan to make up.

The main focus of Uprisen is to provide you with the newest and latest information about Kid Icarus: Uprising. That is exactly what we plan to do. 3DS Kid Icarus is a website not only for information about Uprising, but also the 3DS in general. Looking around the blog, it looks like just another one of the plentiful (yet cool) Nintendo 3DS fan blogs, with just an extra eye out on Uprising.

Therefor, I say that Uprisen is the first Kid Icarus: Uprising-exclusive fan blog. Sure I have other info about the 3DS, but that’s in relation to Uprising. 3DS Kid Icarus for sure got on the net for before us, so I’ll obviously give them credit.

But, if you get my point, we’re not really lying in our subtitle.


§ One Response to Distinguishing the Propaganda

  • Vince H says:

    I support your blog. I used to go to the other one a while ago, but it was very cluttered. This blog is sleek and organized. It is also more focused.

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