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January 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Welcome to Uprisen!

Uprisen is the very first fan website of the upcoming game Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system. We are going to try to bring you the newest and latest updates on this long-awaited sequel to some pretty darn old games.

The game Uprising is set currently to be released in March, 2010 with the 3DS system. It is speculated by some, though doubted by many, that it may come bundled with the system.

Though the Nintendo 3DS is going to be sold for ¥25,000 in Japan, which is equal to about $300 in American money, the price of the system may be as low as $250 or lower. Unfortunately, due to the high quality and price of the system, I would estimate the games to be at least $50 each, so Uprising is not going to be a cheap game.

Kid Icarus: Uprising was first announced at E3 2010, around twenty years after the last game in the series. The game is being developed by Project Sora, and published by Nintendo.

The game itself is a third-person, action adventure shooter. It is unknown whether it is an RPG, or just a platformer with large levels. Part of the game is about flying through long areas as the game’s protagonist, Pit, and defending yourself against enemy attacks. More of the game takes place on ground, which would be the more-platformer side of the game.

Uprising is supposed to use the 3DS’ third-dimensional feature as well. Other than a few hundred very lucky people who got to attend E3 2010, not many people have actually seen the “better than amazing” 3D capabilities. We’ll just have to hope that they’re as high as our expectations.

The story of Uprising has not yet been released to the public. The known facts are that you are Pit, an angel, and the protagonist of previous games; the main antagonist is Medusa, who has been in past games, and is based off a Greek goddess; and you are helped by Palutena, who is the rival goddess of Medusa. Several bosses from previous games have come back, along with many other elements. Anything else can be figured out from watching the E3 Trailer.

Anyway, that is our overview of the upcoming game Kid Icarus: Uprising. If you have any questions, please post in the comments or send an email to uprisen3ds@live.com.


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