Massive Club Nintendo AR Sweepstakes

November 12, 2012 § 3 Comments

ENTER FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN THE KID ICARUS™: UPRISING CORE AR CARD SET. this special collection includes over 400 kid icarus ar cards. SEE HOW TO ENTER BELOW.

There have been many times when Kid Icarus news has appeared and I considered sharing it through Uprisen; but honestly, I’ve left the site behind me for the time being. You can probably tell, considering how dead it’s been for the past several months. I really wanted to continue Fan Art Friday, but there were certain complications that didn’t allow me to do so.

However, just this once I found a piece of news that I knew I had to share with you all. Club Nintendo is hosting a sweepstakes for the United States and Canada, where ten owners of the game will win a pack of over 400 Kid Icarus: Uprising augmented reality cards. This is just, let us say, awesome.

You can check more information here, and the official rules here.

Fan Art Friday – 7/27/12

July 27, 2012 § 2 Comments


Due to certain complications, I may need to discontinue Fan Art Friday. Do any readers have any specific objections to this?

Project Sora Disbands

July 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

It was announced a few days ago that Project Sora, the development team behind Kid Icarus: Uprising, is now dissolved. This is both confusing and disappointing, as nobody really knows why it happened. Uprising was the only game Project Sora made during its existence, and this is sad, as many people have been looking forward to whatever games the company would have made in the future.

(Thanks GoNintendo and GenGAME)

Fan Art Friday – Goddess of Light

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1girl bare_shoulders bonnou-s-rice green_eyes green_hair kid_icarus palutena

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Here is an absolutely gorgeous picture of Palutena, the Goddess of Light, who guides Pit through his many adventures. I couldn’t find the original source for this image, so if you know where it is, please send me a link.

Fan Art Friday – Pre-Boss Battle Cry

July 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

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Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.

This was one of the coolest parts of the game. When Pit and Dark Pit were fighting side-by-side in the Chaos Vortex, soon before fighting the notorious Chaos Kin, they suddenly started alternating back and forth for their “pre-boss battle cry.” In short, it was hilarious. One of many instances the game throws something random like that at you through the brilliant dialog.

And no, the characters weren’t actually wolves in the game, but that’s one of the reasons why this is called fan art.

Pit (and other Brawl characters) Confirmed for the next Smash Bros.

July 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Super Smash Bros. and Kid Icarus: Uprising head designer Masahiro Sakuri tweeted the above photo that was drawn on a whiteboard by the team working on the next Smash Bros. game (for 3DS and Wii U). It pretty much confirms characters that were very likely to be in the game anyway, but it’s good to know that they have been confirmed. For those of you who for some reason can’t look at the image (yeah, right), here are the shown characters:

  • Mario
  • Link
  • Kirby
  • Pikachu
  • Donkey Kong
  • Fox McCloud
  • Samus (Zero Suit)
  • Marth
  • Luigi
  • Meta Knight
  • Wario
  • Mr. Game & Watch

You can also see a Pikmin, which implies that Captain Olimar will once again be returning to battle. However, as was mentioned at E3, Olimar will not be one of the four playable characters in Pikmin 3, so perhaps the reason a Pikmin is in the picture and not Olimar himself is because Olimar won’t be returning—and one of the new characters will make a debut.

That’s just some speculation, but who do you want to be in the next Smash Bros.? Any new characters from Kid Icarus?

(Thanks to Nintendo 3DS Blog)

50 Faces of Pit

June 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Fan Art Friday was skipped yesterday due to the fact that the writer of Uprisen almost died. Not literally, but everyone almost wants to die when they’re detasseling. Anyway, to make up for it, here’s an awesome sketch image by DeviantArt artist KyuubiGemini. Make sure to also view it in full size.